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My new technique creates 3 different pictures.  This one is the original
Original phot of a RAM in the Colorado Mountains
Original of the farm life in the Colorado Mountains
This one is the Modern art abstract of the original
Modern abstract of a RAM in the Colorado Mountains
Abstract picture of the farm life in the Colorado Mountains
This one is the combination of both the original and the modern art abstract
Combination picture of a RAM in the Colorado Mountains
BP0_0608-C.jpg  Combination picture of the farm life in the Colorado Mountains
Beautiful sunset in Jamaica
Modern art Abstract of a sunset in Jamaica
Combination picture of a beautiful sunset in Jamaica

Beauty on the Edge with a New Modern Touch is the latest in modern art photo editing.  I spent over 1 1/2 years developing this technique.  Not only do I produce a great original photo, but also create a wonderful modern art abstract photo and a picture that is the combination of both.  As time goes by, I will be adding and deleting prints on the webpage.  If you make note of a print and later do not see it on the webpage, the print is still available.  Created by Bill Pugh Photography, LLC.

Researching photography prints, I learned that metal prints are long lasting and well suited for high traffic commercial use.  When dust accumulates, simply brush it away with a microfiber towel or shammy.  ChromaLuxe metal prints can also be sterilized, if needed, without harm.  Metal prints are great for high contrast photos with rich deep colors, such as nature or night-time photography.

Please click on any picture to open up a larger view of the print.  When ordering prints,

with your mouse, hover over the center of the picture and it will display the file name for

that picture.

Gallery Float Frame

The Gallery Float Frame is the latest in metal print pictures.  It comes with a wooden frame in either black or white.  The metal print is recessed 1/4" below the front edge and 1/4" inside the inner edge, making it look like it is floating in the frame.  This frame compliments both the traditional and contemporary decor with the benefits of the picture printed on metal.  Please check the available sizes on the Pricing Page.

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